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Taekwondo Training for Students of All Ages

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A Family-Friendly Taekwondo School in Andover, KS

Taekwondo is more than a sport; it is the foundation of an individual's character through the teachings of life skills. Taekwondo is not just about kicking and punching; it is about the virtues of positivity, anger control, humility, and respect that allow students to reach their highest potential. At Air Capital Taekwondo, students will be constantly challenged inside and outside the gym to improve these virtues. As students at our Taekwondo school in Andover, Kansas, overcome these challenges, they will improve their relationships with their families, instructors, and friends.

Olympic Style Taekwondo in Andover, KS

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Taekwondo Classes for Kids in Andover, KS

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Learn Olympic-style Taekwondo from a Master Instructor.

(316) 733-2298

About Air Capital Taekwondo

Air Capital Taekwondo is a martial arts school based in Andover, Kansas. Master Perreault and his wife opened this school 13 years ago, teaching Olympic-style Taekwondo. They have instructed and competed in Korea and the U.S. Their son, David, has been studying Taekwondo since the age of 5. He is now a fourth-degree black belt and Taekwondo master like his father. David, along with two other black belt instructors, has taken over the reins at Air Capital Taekwondo. His mom still assists part-time.

As a family-run business, we are proud to offer a family-friendly environment where multiple generations can learn Taekwondo together. All ages are welcome to learn self-defense, and we teach classes for children as young as 4. Practicing Taekwondo is a great way to strengthen family bonds, learn self-defense techniques, develop life skills, and build character while stimulating the mind.

United States National Taekwondo Federation National School of Martial Arts - Olympic Taekwondo

Our Mission

Our Taekwondo school is dedicated to developing Black Belt Excellence in students and families within a fun, safe, non-threatening, inspiring environment. Our school will continue to grow through our students as they will be our greatest advocates in displaying a respectful attitude in our community through our self-defense classes. Life skills, along with the physical aspects of a martial artist, are what create a person with Black Belt Excellence.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(316) 733-2298

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Serving East Wichita, Bel Aire, Kechi, Benton, Rose Hill, Augusta, El Dorado, and Andover, Kansas

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